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1194984910785474358stop_sign_miguel_s_nchez_.svg.hi_91_1_93_..... wasting MONEY buying different length decoy rigs and spending TIME re-rigging decoys as water levels or hunting locations change. 

1194984910785474358stop_sign_miguel_s_nchez_.svg.hi_91_1_93_..... dealing with the CHALLENGES of getting to and from the blind with traditional Texas Style rig systems. 


The Recon Rig is ADJUSTABLE for varying water depths eliminating the need to spend money and time dealing with multiple rig sets and the additional TRANSPORT LOOP reduces the challenges faced by hunters while on the move.  Go to the "Decoy Anchor Systems" page to learn more.


"Out of a need to find ways to get my young boys excited about waterfowling, Duck Recon was born.  The mission of Duck Recon is simple …. To Prepare The Next Generation of Waterfowl Hunters.   We have been able to do just that, while at the same time making our waterfowl season a family affair.

Thank you for your purchase and support in helping us Prepare The Next Generation of Waterfowl Hunters."   -  Jim Roche, President

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